Instant Diplomas

April 11, 2012

university_degrees=Instant diplomas are online courses which provide students with a certificate within a couple of days or weeks. In real terms, this is not the right format of attaining a diploma certificate. Though there are many websites which provides a diploma certificate within 2 days. The certificate provided is from top universities of a particular country.

university_degrees=Once you make a payment, you can even add transcripts to your shopping cart. Transcripts means you can mention the subject code, grades, credits, subject you specialized in, grade points, semester GPA, cumulative GPA & final GPA. Students have a chance to order the transcripts along with the diploma certificate or it can also be ordered at a later date. These transcripts are all sealed transcripts in an envelope having the University letterhead. Most of these companies who provide instant diplomas prefer online payment via credit cards, money transfer, Western Union or even a personal check.

university_degrees=Most of instant diploma courses available online provides certificates to students who are above the age of 18 years. They also must have an efficient knowledge of the type of degree they are applying for. The University selection is done by the company who is issuing the certificate. This is done based on the type of subjects and the type of diploma you choose. These certificates are original and can be verified by any issuing authority directly with the university from where the certificate has been issued.
university_degrees=But in all cases, it is advised to go for instant diplomas mainly because these online institutions are affiliated with reputed universities and on successful completion of the course, the certificates will have the symbol of the university the institution is affiliated with. One needs to do a bit of research before actually planning to apply for online institutions. Most of the institutions are genuine.